Protecting the Sea: Wennie – Tubay, Agusan del Norte

Wennie is a fisherman in Tubay, Agusan del Norte. He is fixing his banka while he is waiting to catch Matambaka fishes. Wennie said he loves fishing because it provides for his family. It is through fishing that he was able to feed all of his children. Wennie also said that he refuses to use dynamite because dynamites kill fishes and that will kill his living. He believes that he needs to take care of the sea because it where the fishes are.

We take care of something when we are connected to it. Wennie takes care of the sea because he knew that his family has a relationship with the sea. This is the story of the Kingdom of God. A life with all its fullness. A life that has harmony not just with God, but with people, self and the rest of Creation. Truly the Kingdom of God is within our midst everyday.
Just like Wennie each person can start taking care of our environment. Wherever you are there are small ways that can impact Creation. Start small. Think big. Live life fully everyday. Be a living expression of love.

Published by Kathleen Lei Limayo

Documentary Filmmaker, Documentary Photographer & Visual Anthropologist

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