Hope Marawi

Families internally displaced by the Marawi conflict have sought refuge in a housing facility called “Hope Marawi” in a small Delabayan town.


Some of the families who fled Marawi siege sought refuge as internally displaced people in a small Maranao town in Delabayan, Kauswagan, Lanao del Norte.

In 2018, they received their new home at the Hope Marawi 100 village in Delabayan. The village serves as permanent housing for families who have decided to relocate.

One of the recipients of the housing project is Mona and her family. Mona and her family have designed their kitchen according to their needs. Because the families who decided to relocate to the village are part of the process of creating their houses, they are able to design certain aspects of their shelter.

Monaida is among the Maranao women of Marawi who had fled the siege. Monaida sought refuge with her son and husband in another Maranao community in Delabayan, Kauswagan, Lanao del Norte. Since late last year, her husband had started building their house at the Hope Marawi 100 Village. Her family had to live on this temporary housing for several weeks while their house is for completion.

Monaida’s son crawls to her while she takes a brief rest from her household chores.
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