Farm to share: Nanay Arbaya – Sultan Kudarat

Nanay Arbaya is selling her harvest gabi at the Tacurong Public Market. For many years, she farms crops like alugbati, eggplants, and string beans.
We are grateful for women like Nanay Arbaya who brings the harvest of their hands to markets. Because of farming she is able to feed her family and even more families. The smile in her face shows a life of struggle, dream, and progress. Our farmers are empowered, and the best thing we can do is to believe in them. They can farm. They can feed. They can share the works of their hands.

Shout out to all women farmers out there. You are hardworking. You are beautiful. You have a heart that shares. You have life struggles. You have life dreams. You are strong. You are a woman.
Highlighting stories of women for International Women’s Month.

Published by Kathleen Lei Limayo

Documentary Filmmaker, Documentary Photographer & Visual Anthropologist

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