Epri Wahyu Pratiwi – The Passion to Bike

Have you done something crazy? Like biking for 337 kilometers?

Epri Wahyu Pratiwi biked 500 kilometers to give awareness about the environment. Along with 9 friends, Epri traveled from Surabaya to Jogjakarta in Indonesia via bike. Within the 4 days of biking, they stopped at communities to tell about climate change and the protection of the environment in Indonesia. It wasn’t easy she recalled. During the trip, she even doubted and just wanted to stop biking.

But she kept going. She kept biking with her friends. She kept going because she is so passionate about our planet. She kept going because she believed they can make a difference as a group of friends.

We are all passionate about something. The question now is, can you make your passion serve and help more people? Our actions may be small and futile when compared to all the global issues that needs to be address about Climate Change. However little are actions could be, we can still impact others lives and give awareness.

Shot on assignment for 350 Pilipinas at the East Asia Climate Leadership Camp 2017.
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Published by Kathleen Lei Limayo

Documentary Filmmaker, Documentary Photographer & Visual Anthropologist

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