Women who flee conflict

In celebration of Women’s Month, I am sharing Monaida’s story.

Monaida rests from her houseworks and attends to his son. She is among the Maranao women of Marawi who had fled the siege. Monaida sought refuge with her son and husband in another Maranao community in Delabayan, Kauswagan, Lanao del Norte. Since late last year, her husband had started building their house at the Hope Marawi 100 Village. Her family had to live on this temporary housing for several weeks while their house is for completion.

Women who flee from conflict zones have to face the burden of childrearing while struggling to acquire security and food during internal displacement. This is the reality for women during conflicts. They have to fight for the future of their children in camps, cook food, breastfeed, clean their shelters and take care of their husbands. May the stories and voices of women who fight for their rights be visible beyond Women’s Month.

Published by Kathleen Lei Limayo

Documentary Filmmaker, Documentary Photographer & Visual Anthropologist