Mona’s new home

In celebration of Human Rights Day.

Mona and her family have fled Marawi during the siege last year. They’ve sought refuge as internally displaced people in a small Maranao town in Delabayan, Kauswagan, Lanao del Norte. This year, they have received their new home at the Hope Marawi 100 village in Delabayan. The village serves as permanent housing for families who have decided to relocate. Mona and her family have designed their kitchen according to their needs. Because the families who decided to relocate to the village are part of the process of creating their houses, they are able to design certain aspects of their shelter.

This is Kathleen Lei Limayo, a documentary filmmaker and photographer based in the Philippines. In celebration of Human Rights Day this year, I will be sharing stories of the Maranao families who have found a new home in Hope Marawi 100 village, a relocation site in Delbayan. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights state that every human being has the right to an adequate housing. People who flee from conflict zones struggle to provide for their basic needs.

This photo is part of my ongoing photo series and documentary video collaboration with the Maranao families in Delabayan. We are also raising support for the ongoing construction of the houses in the village. Know more about the Hope Marawi 100 by visiting the Facebook Page.

Published by Kathleen Lei Limayo

Documentary Filmmaker, Documentary Photographer & Visual Anthropologist